NAVY - Fabric Cover - iPhone 5 - Locking Module - NWU3

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NAVY & US FLAG Case Cover with the MiC-5 cases (iPhone 5/5S)

Amazing camouflage fabric cover that fits perfectly on your modular case!

- Embroidered in the USA

- Protected with two coats of ScotchGard™

- Navy Work Uniform Type 3 style camo

- Looks great

- High quality

- Case provides great bump protection

Cover has locking tape on back so it can be attached easily to your myHonor modular case!

Buy together with the myHonor MiC-5 case and save $ or buy separately.

NOTE: The cover and case work specifically with each other using a locking stem technology.

iPhone name is a trademark and property of Apple, Inc. All products are in stock and ready to ship from Virginia. myHonor Cases are 80% made in USA and 20% made outside USA. The locking stem technology is not property of myHonor Case and is provided by an outside manufacturer. myHonor is not affiliated with or endorsed by the US government.