MOLON LABE - Fabric Slim Case - Samsung S8

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MOLON LABE Spartan Slim Case fits Samsung S8 (regular)

Amazing camouflage fabric embroidered case that fits perfectly on your phone! 

- Spartan helmet with greek "Molon Labe" split text

- 10% Military Discount code available in cart*

- Embroidered in the U.S.A.

- Fabric protected with two coats of ScotchGard™

- Black nylon/cotton twill fabric

- Subdue Medium Grey Nylon Thread

- Soft rubberized wrap around plastic case

- Case provides some bump protection

- Looks amazing

- High quality

Phone not included. Samsung name is a trademark and property of Samsung, Inc. All products are in stock and ready to ship from Virginia. myHonor Cases are 80% made in USA and 20% made outside USA. myHonor is not affiliated with or endorsed by the US government. Case camouflage patterns will vary from what is in the photograph.

* Military discount code is only received after successfully verifying your military service using the app service. is an independent commercial verification service that is not associated with myHonor Case outside of use of the service.