Case Info

myHonor Case manufacturers and offers two different product lines: Modular and Non-Modular. The Non-Modular Cases are typical cases with a rubberized plastic case component with a permanently attached embroidered fabric cover. The Modular Cases are a special case with a locking stem front that allows for the attachment and removal of our modular components.

 product line

Modular cases are made special by the application of a locking stem tape applied to the front of the case and on the the back of the modules. The plastic mushroom stems lock into each other allowing a much better hold than the older hook and loop fasteners. The locking tape is also cleaner and has a smoother finish. Note: The locking tape is not designed or manufactured by us. There are three choices of modules: fabric patches, plastic patches, and fabric covers.

The modules are proudly made in Virginia, USA. The locking stem tape is made in the USA. The rubber component of the cases are made in China.