Improvements We Are Doing!

Never stop improving your foxhole!

Hey team! Here at myHonor Case we are well aware of step 21 of the defensive priorities of we are constantly improving and expanding our products. We listen to every word our customers say, analyze them, plan, and act on them. So we just want to explain some exciting changes this month:

- After receiving some customer SITREPs from the field we have decided to start adding two coats of ScotchGuard® Fabric Protectant to our cases to help prevent dirt and stain build-up over an extended time of use. As new batches are made the protectant will be added and this of course increases the time and cost to make out products so this will be reflected in the pricing. The newly redesigned Air Force cases coming out will be the first cases to have this treatment added.

- We finally started making redesigned 6+ cases. It took a while but we finally sold off majority of the remaining 6+ cases we had in stock from last year. Now we can begin producing new ones. Just like the other models, these cases will have a better color match and even higher quality. The first product line to have the 6+ cases are the new Air Force cases that we are releasing.

We would like to say a big thanks to all our customers and future customers. We love this team! 

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