Big Changes for 2017!

Welcome to myHonor Case (myTude)

Thats right...we changed our name.

We are stoked for all the changes in store for 2017! 2016 was a great start for our phone case company and we learned a lot about our customers and the industry over the year. Taking what we have learned and applying it to the mission, we decided on some big changes for 2017. The biggest change will be our new callsign. Starting February 1st, 2017...we will now be called "myHonor Case". We feel this name is more indicative of our customers and their honor they have in serving their country and community. We want to continue to be a way for them to outwardly portray their high level of honor for their service and this name is more trackin with that.

The second big change is our product arsenal. For 2017 we will still offer our squared-away embroidered cases that are focused towards military and community service members, but with bigger effects. We will move away from the typical icons and emblems of the services that can be found on a multitude of products and provide more artistic and unique creations that embody the feelings and experiences of our users service.

This new product line-up will also keep us from having to pay fees to the government for use of trademarked items such as names, logos, and emblems, which would drive up our costs and prices. We will also introduce a non modular version of our cases as well as cases for more phone models. Starting now our phone case covers will now be embroidered in the rockin USA, instead of overseas.

Starting today all our website and social media will be changed to "myHonor Case". The new website is The old website address ( will work for another 30 days, but then will be parked for a couple more months. The name "myTude" will be reutilized for products that focus on mainstream consumers and will no longer be connected to military products.

We look forward to improving our products that we provide to you in 2017 and thank you to all our brothers and sisters that serve and have served the nation and community! You rock!

Get a case and show your service pride and honor! 



PKB Enterprise, LLC

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